We offer a range of different savings and investments options to suit every type of investor however depending on the individual and their appetite for risk and their expectations of return some or all of the following WARNINGS may indeed be applicable to the eventual investment avenue chosen, please take time to read them before continuing on to our descriptions below of the different categories of options available.Before we finalise on any particular investment plan with our clients we will carry out a detailed Risk Analysis to ascertain the appropriate level of Risk for each individual client.

Deposit Accounts are typically for the SECURE minded investor who is perhaps saving for a particular purpose and has perhaps a set time frame in mind whereby ACCESS is critical.

They are willing to accept a low but guaranteed rate of return, but all to often, this rate of return will not even keep the real value of their funds as inflation often erodes this figure over time.Low – Risk Investors are typically investors who are willing to accept SOME LEVEL OFSECURITY in respect of their funds invested, this may be in the form of a promise of a certain amount of their investment being returned to them as a bare minimum, often up to 100{9eee4a0ef54b711b4196aa996bd7f8c2bb7ccfb829dfb063e284f72ffeb45971}.

They will aspire to earn POTENTIAL GROWTH at levels above that of inflation and typically the risk involved is the interest they would have earned over the term of the chosen investment had they simply left the money on deposit.

It would be important that this type of investor knows that their funds are in most cases not accessible throughout the chosen term of the investment so it would be prudent to have adequate funds in Deposit accounts in case of emergency.The Medium Risk investor is one who typically has previous experience in investing however if they have not they would be well advised to familiarise themselves with the two options above before deciding to invest.

Medium Risk investors do not require a predetermined level of security and are willing to forgo this in order to achieve the possibility of more GROWTH. Funds that do fall under this category can generally be accessed however for what is often the first 5 Years of the plan there may be penalties to do so.

These funds are typically invested in different asset classes over different geographical areas and differing sectors in order to keep the BALANCE of the fund right for the investor who is willing to take a moderate level of risk.The High Risk investor would need to be prepared to experience heavy losses if they do not invest wisely however the rewards for taking these risks can be quite lucrative if the funds do well. Like the Medium Risk investor they do not require a safety net but unlike the medium risk investor rather than having the “many eggs in many baskets” approach their would typically not be much diversification to these funds where Asset Classes / Geographic Regions and Sectors are concerned.