Company Pension Schemes

Company Pension Plans are the best way to ensure your employees futures are Funded for in their old age, they are also a huge benefit where employee retention is concerned and the generous tax advantages should not be overlooked.

In our experience service and visibility around how your employees funds are Managed along with ease of use when allowing them to make changes as they see fit are the most important factors in making sure your staff are happy with their pension planning.

Not to be overlooked of course is the charging structure associated with your organisations scheme and the knowledge that if you are a trustee of the scheme that you can meet the necessary trustee training requirements.

We partner with our clients making sure they are receiving all round good value for money and their expectations and that of their employees are being met and adequately serviced.

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Group Risk Schemes

Group Risk Schemes can be in the form of Death in Service arrangements and Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) (Income Protection) arrangements.

Death in Service ensures that your employees are covered for a sum of money should they die.

From speaking to employers who have had these arrangements in place and who have had employees pass on they have always been thankful that the money provided through the plan was of some financial solace at a terrible time for the family the employee has left behind.

Income Protection Schemes for your employees is often viewed by staff members as a huge benefit as well, this type of benefit will ensure that should your employees be unable to work as a result of an Accident, Illness or Disability they will have the piece of mind that they will have an income continue to be paid to them while being absent from work.

This income is provided from the plan and not from the Company thus allowing the employer to hire a replacement without the moral dilemma of when to stop a sick employees income.

These schemes are extremely affordable and once in place can be reviewed annually.

If you currently have a scheme in place we would be happy to review it.